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No third term for Mayor — Hillman seeks position

Mangold wants fresh thinking, ideas from new mayor

After serving eight years as Powell’s mayor, Scott Mangold will not seek a third term.

The mayor posted a message on the city’s website Monday announcing his decision.“In a town of 6,300, some other people might have new ideas,” Mangold said Wednesday. “It’s time for me to step aside and give the reins to someone else.”
Powell residents will elect their new mayor in November, and Mangold will complete his second term in December.

Though there is no term limit for mayors, Mangold said he decided against seeking another term after talking with his kids and colleagues at the KPOW AM Radio Station.

“I have always been an advocate for term-limits, and I think that the mayor’s job is a good example,” Mangold wrote in his mayor’s message. “There are some people in the municipalities of Wyoming who have been in office for over two decades. I admire their public service, but I still question if they are fresh in their ideas.

“I look forward to hearing some new ideas from the new guy, or gal, in charge. That’s right; city government is for women, too!”

Mangold also said he must “start concentrating on the business that pays my bills.” Mangold co-owns the KPOW radio station, and said in his message that, “We may see some big changes at the radio station, and I don’t want to be out of town when it happens.”

The mayor said city of Powell work sometimes conflicted with his radio responsibilities. Known as the Voice of the Panthers, Mangold has worked hard to make sure every football game and basketball game are on the air every season — racking up many miles across Wyoming and braving mountain passes in the winter.

But Mangold missed a day of Panther basketball in Worland in January because he was completing work for the city during the legislative session.

“Right after that game, one of the parents asked me if I was going to broadcast the next weekend’s game, which was at home. I felt very low,” Mangold wrote.

“The conflict came up, and I was given a choice that now results in me losing sleep,” he added. “There are many reasons that I took this mayor’s job and, in the most part, I have accomplished them.

“It’s now time to move on and move back.”

Hillman’s Ward 3 councilman seat up for election

Instead of running for re-election as a city councilman this year, Don Hillman will seek his first term as mayor of Powell.

The longtime Powell resident announced his decision Wednesday.

“With my work experience and over 10 years of City Council experience, I believe I can be a positive addition, and I like Powell,” Hillman said.

Hillman served on the council from 1986-93 and was elected again in 2008. His seat as a Ward 3 councilman is up for election this year. His career with Montana Dakota Utilities spanned 41 years before he retired in 2004. Aside from time spent in Billings and Sheridan, Hillman has spent his life here.

Hillman said he wants to serve the community, and he enjoys being on the Powell City Council.
He also hopes to help steer the city through some of the challenges ahead.

“One of the biggest problems the city is going to be facing is money,” Hillman said. “The economy just isn’t good anywhere right now, but if we do things right, we can survive and hopefully get to where we should be.”

The city faces a grim budget outlook this year, Hillman said.

“We just have to tighten our belts, like anyone else,” he added.

During his past four years on the City Council, the city has dealt with leaner budgets. Major projects during his current term have included plans for a garbage transfer station, funding for the Powell Golf Course and construction of the Powell Aquatic Center.

“The swimming pool has been a learning curve for us,” Hillman said. “We’ve never been in the swimming pool business until now, but as we have more years of operation, we can have a better idea of what it’s going to cost.”

Hillman and his wife, Judie, have two children, Raquel (Hillman) Schwab, who works as a dental hygienist in Powell, and Jason, who is a principal in Sheridan. Hillman is a grandfather of three.

The filing period for elected offices opens May 17. City Council seats held by incumbents Eric Paul, Jim Hillberry and Floyd Young also are up for election this year.


  • posted by Mike

    April 28, 2012 8:06 pm

    Some of these comments back thecase for term limits, just as Mangold prescribes. Can you just as good'a/better job?........then step up sir and madam! Put yourself out in front for 6300 folks to be critical of.

    This is no time for ridicule.......a time to move ahead and positively. You have a great town. I'm from out of state.

    All the best.

  • posted by Bob Moore

    April 25, 2012 4:37 pm

    I think Steve Bailey should run now that he is retired. He has way too much time on his hands and always wants me to go to coffee with him.

  • posted by Steve Moseley

    April 24, 2012 3:06 pm

    Presidents, governors and mayors share a common curse: Far too much credit when things go right and excessive blame when they don't. To lay every shortcoming...most of them imaginary in this case the feet one person is silly, shallow and mean.

  • posted by Disgusted EX taxpayer

    April 23, 2012 11:04 am

    sure glad I left there,life is much better now,thanks for all the bad memories.Ya,ll have a wonderful life.

  • posted by Disgusted ex taxpayer

    April 22, 2012 6:51 am

    Sure glad I finally got out of Syria,the town is going broke with the lack of morals,ethics or real leadership.Ya'll have a wonderful life in Syria.

  • posted by 18-1

    April 19, 2012 6:02 pm

    Great job Scott wish you would stay don't need some people in that position, no names.... (Myron).....

  • posted by clipstein

    April 19, 2012 3:50 pm

    Yep and how much??????? like the former head of the hospital...... Got the town in big trouble.....
    He use to use his radio station to try and run a person out of town.... There is an old saying he is lying when his lips are moving...

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