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November 20, 2008 3:20 am

Going into Thanksgiving, Powell provides for Loaves and Fishes

Written by Tribune Staff

About a month ago, Powell Valley Loaves and Fishes made a plea to the community. The food pantry's shelves were bare — they needed food.

With high gasoline prices over the summer, increasing food costs and economic turmoil nationally, the pantry had its busiest year, serving 300 people in August alone and leaving the food supply lacking.

In response, Powell came through in many ways, providing an abundance of food and funds.

Businesses took out their checkbooks. Children baked for the cause. Youth hit the streets in an evening food drive. Churches stepped forward to help. Households opened their cupboards. College students organized fundraisers.

Over and over, Powell gave and gave.

Tuesday night provided another example of Powell's generosity toward Loaves and Fishes. Folks queued outside Plaza Diane, waiting and shivering in the November cold to give to the cause. Once inside, they received warm soup and a handcrafted bowl, but they also gave. As the ceramic bowls dwindled and eventually disappeared, donations continued to stream in — overall, more than $2,500 was raised at the Empty Bowl event.

Powell's generosity, among its youngest and oldest residents, is commendable.

The shelves that were bare just a month ago are not only full, but financial donations ensure they will remain replenished through the holidays.