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Police suit: Sheriff’s lieutenant disagreed with police plan

Plaintiff Tricia Wachsmuth continued to present her case against the city of Powell and 11 Powell police officers last week, eliciting testimony from a Park County Sheriff’s lieutenant who believed police were using too much force in searching the woman’s home and from a police-practices expert who said police made a “mountain out of a molehill.”

An eight-member jury is hearing the federal civil rights trial, taking place in Judge Alan Johnson’s Cheyenne courtroom in the U.S. District Court of Wyoming.

Wachsmuth alleges police violated her civil rights and used excessive force in a Feb. 24, 2009 drug raid of her and her husband Bret’s East North Street home.

Among other complaints, Wachsmuth claims the officers failed to give her the constitutionally required time to answer her door before they broke it down, they unnecessarily deployed a flashbang and SWAT-style tactics in the search and they used her as a human shield as they entered her uncleared basement.

Police deny those allegations and say the information they had — of many loaded weapons and potentially unstable residents — justified a dynamic entry into the home.

On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, the jury heard from Park County Sheriff’s Lt. Dave Patterson, Officer Chad Miner, police-practices expert D.P. Van Blaricom, former Powell Police Officer Matt Danzer and Powell Police Sgt. Mike Chretien.

On the afternoon of Feb. 24, 2009, Miner said he took a phone call from a confidential informant who alleged that Bret Wachsmuth was growing marijuana.

Having never before investigated a grow operation, and believing the Wachsmuths’ residence was located outside city limits, Miner consulted Lt. Patterson at his Powell office.

In his time in law enforcement in Utah and Washington, Patterson had been the primary investigator in several hundred narcotics operations, including roughly 50 marijuana grows, Patterson said. He also is the leader of the sheriff’s Special Response Group, a SWAT-type team. Powell police do not have a SWAT team.

Testifying on Wednesday, Patterson said it appeared to be a small growing operation alleged by the informant.

Further, he said there was no direct evidence of Bret Wachsmuth’s potential for violence.

As a result, Patterson had suggested the police department consider involving Bret’s father, Powell Department of Criminal Investigation agent Tom Wachsmuth, in the search, and either do a knock and talk or a surround and call-out, where officers would surround the home and call Bret Wachsmuth out.

Despite the information about Bret being paranoid and there being firearms all over the house, “I wasn’t hearing anything that concerned me enough to think these suggestions couldn’t be used,” said Patterson.

But he said Miner and then-Deputy Park County Attorney Jonathan Davis flat-out told him they weren’t going to use those suggestions and appeared to be leaning towards a dynamic entry.

“It was like it was a predisposition in the mind to go that route without looking at other options first,” Patterson said.

He said he didn’t think police had enough information pinned down, such as only learning later in the afternoon that the house was in the city of Powell rather than out in the county.

“I absolutely felt like we had the information that we needed,” Miner later testified.

Patterson said things appeared to be “progressing quickly.”

Patterson said Miner told him when they spoke early in the afternoon that “administration was on his ass and he needed to get a door booted.”

When he asked what the hurry was, since the grow operation would presumably continue operating, Patterson said Miner told him he was going on days off the following day “and he just needed to get this thing done.”

“The only rush I would have had was for a couple reasons,” testified Miner later. “One, I was going on days off. Two, I wanted to handle the case personally due to the sensitive nature (of the suspect being the son of a law enforcement officer).”

“My motives were to get this handled and taken care of as quickly as possible because it’s not a comfortable situation to be in,” he said.

Miner said he actually ended up working on Feb. 25, because following the search, “I had a lot of work to do.”

Miner also said that, after Patterson left, the confidential informant said he had tipped off Bret Wachsmuth that the police were coming. That, Miner said, was another reason to show caution and move quickly — before evidence was destroyed. That information was not mentioned in the affidavit used to secure the search warrant.

Miner said he doesn’t remember saying he was being pressured to boot a door.

“I’ve never been pressured by my administration to force entry in any case,” he said.

Wachsmuth’s attorney, Jeff Gosman of Casper, suggested during Miner’s cross examination that Bret Wachsmuth’s lack of a criminal record should have been the most important factor in determining how to execute the warrant.

Miner disagreed, citing the concerns of Wachsmuth’s mental stability, loaded guns, paranoia and alleged habit of peeping out his windows.

“All of those things collectively would be more important to us than his criminal history,” said Miner.

D.P. Van Blaricom, a retired Bellevue, Wash., police chief, and the plaintiff’s police-practices expert, testified that the department’s actions were unjustified given the information they had.

“This is what my grandmother would have called making a mountain out of a molehill. It just wasn’t there,” Van Blaricom said.

He said given the small size of the grow operation, the Wachsmuths’ lack of a criminal history and the fact that it was a misdemeanor search warrant were all factors that made such a forceful entry inappropriate.

“What are they going to do? Shoot it out with you over two marijuana plants? That’s extremely unlikely,” Van Blaricom said. Though only two mature plants were seized in the search, police say they’d been told to expect 10 to 20 plants.

Agreeing with Patterson, Van Blaricom said a knock and talk or surround and call-out would have been better options, saying escalating the opportunity for violence “is the last thing you want to do.”

He said Powell police’s actions were the kind of tactics you would use in a fortified crack house in East Los Angeles.

For example, “They (flashbangs) are only used in serious cases where you expect armed resistance. You really expect there’s going to be shooting when you go in there,” said Van Blaricom.

Chretien, who had considerable SWAT training and experience before coming to Powell, created the dynamic entry plan. He said the decision to deploy a flashbang in the master bedroom was to help distract whoever was in the home from the officers entering the front door. Also, the informant had told police many guns were in the bedroom.

A Powell police officer watching the residence had reported a 10-year-old child went into the home and hadn’t come out. Chretien said officers hadn’t believed the Wachsmuths’ had a child of their own and therefore he reasoned the child wouldn’t have been sleeping in their master bedroom.

The reported “child” was apparently Tricia Wachsmuth, as she was the only person home at the time of the raid.

Police Chief Tim Feathers had tasked Chretien with drafting the plan because of his SWAT experience.

As a former police chief, “Had I been briefed on this plan, I would have not gone along with it,” Van Blaricom said.

The defense attempted to block Van Blaricom from testifying, in large part on the grounds that he had not been in law enforcement since retiring in 1985. Van Blaricom said he has continually reviewed case law and policies from the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) and has been in hundreds of cases as an expert witness since retiring.

“Reading articles from a journal that you receive of an agency (NTOA) you’re not a member of does not make you an expert,” argued police attorney Tom Thompson.

Johnson, however, said it would be foolish to dismiss Van Blaricom’s time as an expert witness and reading policies and procedures.

“Just because ... a doctor may be lecturing in a lecture hall on anatomy doesn’t mean that person doesn’t have expertise just because they’re not cutting on people every day,” Johnson said, allowing Van Blaricom to testify as an expert.

In examining Van Blaricom before the jury, police attorneys noted he had never deployed a flashbang, personally investigated a grow operation, served on or trained a SWAT team and hadn’t served a warrant he’d personally obtained since 1959. Van Blaricom, however, said he was the commanding officer in many operations while Bellevue’s police chief, including 14 SWAT operations.

The expert witness for the defense, Cmdr. Thor Eels of the Colorado Springs Police Department, is scheduled to testify this week.

Neither Danzer, who now works for the Bozeman, Mont., police department, nor Chretien could provide an estimate of how long they waited for the door to open.

“It seemed like it was eternity standing on that front porch,” said Danzer, saying he was worried about the wait.

“They could be getting guns, they could be loading them, they could be getting ready to ambush us, I didn’t know,” he said.

“I thought we stood there (on the porch) for an uncomfortable amount of time,” said Chretien.

Miner roughly estimated that police waited five to 10 seconds after knocking before he rammed the door.

Van Blaricom testified that if Wachsmuth was sitting on the couch a few feet from the door as she said, it likely would have taken five to 10 seconds to walk to the door and open it.

Wachsmuth has testified the officers never audibly knocked or announced their presence.

Police have said their plan was to knock and announce their presence, and breach the door “immediately” if it wasn’t opened. Gosman questioned the officers about what their understanding of the plan was, given the constitutional requirement that on a knock-and-announce warrant, officers must wait a reasonable amount of time — given the totality of the circumstances — before breaching the door.

Chretien testified that “immediately” meant before anything else occurred, such as another knock on the door or phone call.

Gosman questioned both Miner and Chretien as to why their reports on the incident did not mention waiting a reasonable amount of time before breaching the door or that Tricia Wachsmuth went into the basement before being arrested, among other omissions.

The officers replied that the report was prepared for criminal prosecution, not for defending themselves against litigation.

Gosman also questioned why a plastic bag containing cocaine residue wasn’t initially listed in an evidence log and why guns appeared to have been moved between police photographs.

Miner said the plastic bag was inside a box that was listed in the initial log, and the guns were moved for close-up photos.

The officers have testified the decision to make a dynamic entry ultimately was made by Feathers.

Chretien said he had asked if involving Tom Wachsmuth was an option and was told “it wasn’t.”

“I was a soldier; I was told to do (it) so I did,” Chretien said of planning the dynamic entry.

Feathers has not yet testified in the case, but is expected to testify he believed involving Tom Wachsmuth was a bad idea.

The trial continues this week.


  • posted by Shannon

    March 02, 2011 12:53 pm

    I am tired of people complaining when they get busted. My question to the plaintiff as a judge would have been "Where you bre4aking the law?" Plaintiff…"Yes but..." Judge "Were you breaking the law?" Plaintiff "Yes but..." Judge "WERE YOU BREAKING THE LAW?" By breaking the law you are violating the rights of all those around you who want the right to live in a drug free environment, to live in a crime free environment- yet you complain that your rights are violated when police bust you for it? Since when did your rights become more valuable than the rights of your neighbors and the rights of the police officers that protect this community?" End of story. You break the law, deal with the consequences and don't complain about your rights when you obviously do not value the rights of others.

  • posted by NO JUSTICE

    February 24, 2011 7:40 am

    This whole thing smells of hypocrisy and incompetency. Powell,and Park County,people have become addicted to drama,and the Powell PD is providing their entertainment,akin to East Side-West Side. Never forget,Powell is a small time town and locals are trying to make a mountain out of a molehill.This applies to every aspect of daily life in the zoo.It seems that every since the hells angels visited the area,cops have become paranoid.Who will be next.....

  • posted by Jim

    February 23, 2011 11:04 pm

    CJ good stuff man,,,,you are redeemed at least you are now reporting more in the center...much to the dismay of the supporting fans.....isn't it amazing how we all have our sides? our friends and foes,,,,healthy debate, taking shots at each other and of course those that name call....Salty Dawg is right, get out the popcorn...but riddle me this does "just an observed" know all they think they know...dude u are a Powell Cop and u know it, let the jury work it out right... if you did nothing wrong then you got nothing to sweat right?????after all that is Justice right "Justice"? BAHHHAAAHHHAAA

  • posted by Bill

    February 23, 2011 9:17 pm

    Just an observer,

    I will be sad to see the day when we do not evaluate our actions so we can make better decisions in the future. Or, as you would call it, “Monday morning quarterbacking.” Do you feel that the Powell Police Department is above evaluation? Should the citizens of Powell never question the actions or decisions of the officers charged to protect them?

    Further, how dare you say “the beauty of the whole operation”? The BEAUTY of the whole operation!!!!!!! You see beauty in officers who have been sworn to protect the citizens of Powell using a woman as a human shield? You see beauty in blindly throwing a flash bang into a room? You see beauty in ruining the lives of a young couple!!!! The events of that night were tragic not beautiful! Bret and Tricia made a mistake, broke the law, and paid their dues. They were far from “unhurt.”

    Finally, allow me to answer your question of whom I would want “on scene.” I want responsible officers on the scene who follow the law and aim to protect the citizens of they serve, not victimize them. Unfortunately, the agency capable of responsibility and compassion opted to stay away because they knew what the Powell PD was about to do was wrong. I applaud the efforts of Officer Patterson and the Park County Sheriffs Department for attempting to stop this tragic event before it got out of control. Perhaps part of our “Monday morning quarterbacking” in the future should include the following: Listen to reason and experience before we bust down doors so we can go on our days off. You are right, it was “a plain dumb suggestion.”

  • posted by Ricky Ricardo

    February 23, 2011 8:16 pm

    LUCY................We got a Problem Here.


  • posted by alan

    February 23, 2011 3:17 pm

    The question not being asked is that why did this op. take place while the police dept. belived that a child not belonging to the suspects could still be in the house. Thankfully there was no child. But that brings in to question why would they knowingly put a child thru such a tramatic ordeal if there could have been another way. This would have cause a great amount of trama to a child, whose only fault in this case was to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. I can't belive they would be so cavalier about the safey of our children. Makes wonder if getting a simple conviction is worth more the the saftey of children in our city. And I know that some will say that getting these suspect will protect the saftey of more children. But could they have used diffrent means to get the same result. Dosen't seem they realy even thought of another way. I belive they thought about the headlines they would make if they found a large grown operation, and not about the saftey of all involved.

  • posted by Just an observer

    February 23, 2011 2:30 pm

    It would seem that Patterson has lost grasp of reality since joining the Sheriff's Office. This is the guy who coordinated the SWAT operation on the old man with the BB gun in Cody. It is such a shame that the Sheriff's Office has such a hands off approach to law enforcement in Park County.
    PPD got their information from a reliable source and took action with that information to affect an arrest. The beauty of the whole operation is that "EVERYONE" went home after it was over. Even the perps were unhurt! Planning, coordinating, and executing any operation is difficult at a minimum. To Monday morning quarterback it in a manner such as this is ridiculous. Also, the Wy Law Enforcement Academy teaches that when a cop's family member is the target of an investigation you "NEVER" tell that cop what's happening until it's over. There is too much potential for something to go bad across the board. To suggest calling Wachsmuth to aid in a knock and talk is ludicrous and dangerous to the investigation and to everyone's safety. Would anyone want the father of a perp being on scene with peace officer powers and a gun? Just a plain dumb suggestion.

  • posted by INJUSTICE

    February 23, 2011 2:27 pm

    Justice,,,,,thats funny,,,,"Justice"

    if any investigation needs done its into the powell pd,,,people in this comunity are finally waking up.."birds of a feathers".....haha,,Thanks Powell Tribune

  • posted by Bill

    February 23, 2011 2:19 pm


    You are correct that the job of law enforcement is to enforce the laws. However, nowhere in the job description of a law enforcement officer does it say, "Enforce the laws using any means available." The Powell Police must work within the boundaries of the constitution. Just because they are scared does not mean they can violate the constitution. Period. There is no room for discussion here. If the judge felt there were no violations of the constitution he would have granted the officers involved qualified immunity in this case. He did not. It is very rare for an office to be denied qualified immunity unless it is clear he/she made serious errors.

    You seem to easily discount many of the reports made by the Powell Tribune such as that only 2 plants existed and that Bret and Tricia had no criminal record. Despite your reservations about these issues you are more than willing to state as fact that there were loaded guns in the house and that Tricia was willing to use them. How do you know these things? You believe things that serve your cause and ignore everything else. Putting the expert aside, what about Officer Patterson's testimony? He stated that he felt their actions were unnecessary. Does this mean nothing to you?

    Further, if you feel that what the paper reports is inaccurate why are you so willing to smear Tom Wachsmuth? Do you know Tom? I imagine you do not. Calling Tom was a suggestion that the Powell PD chose not to exercise. That's ok; they are within their rights to do so. However, this still does not give the Powell PD the right to violate the constitution and it does not give you any grounds to smear Tom. His child made a mistake and broke the law. His child was charged a misdemeanor and accepted his punishment. Tom did not break the law. Tom is not on trial. Bret and Tricia are not on trial. The Powell Police Department is on trial here. When this is over and everyone sees how the Powell PD systematically attempted to cover up their violations of the constitution I hope you will change your mind. Until then I suggest you change your name to "Who Needs a Constitution Anyway" or "Coverup, Lies, and Libel" as Justice is not fitting for someone who supports the atrocities committed by the Powell Police Department.

  • posted by Ronnie

    February 23, 2011 2:08 pm

    hey "Justice" the expert ...huh so Is feathers and expert to make the call?? has he been on a swat team or done multiple marijuan grows or did he just read books too? oh thats right powell has no experiance in grows or swat team? what about the advice they ignored with the county guy with all the experiance and has done these in the past compared to ZERO?????? marijuana cases by Powell....facts are facts....people have guns in Wyoming, some people act stupid and crazy, some people smoke dope,,thats does not mean they are violent they like to drink smoke dope, hunt and shoot guns, oh an dont forget.......ALL PEOPLE HAVE PROTECTION FROM EXCESSIVE FORCE PROVIDED BY THE CONSTITUION OF THE US under unreasonable searches and seizures>>>>>>>>EXCEPT PEOPLE IN POWELL!!!!

  • posted by Justice

    February 23, 2011 9:53 am

    How can you even respond like this? Have you ever been in any situation remotely similar to this. You were not there you do not know what happened. Too many people in this community are not understanding the dynamics of this.
    "It was ONLY two plants...and they didn't have a record." How do you really know all of this...because the paper told you so? REALLY???REALLY?
    They had guns...loaded!! So they should have waited till she picked one up and shot them? Whose to say this would not have been her first criminal act? Think about this, she stated she saw them or heard them crouching on the porch..what took her so long to get to the door? and another thing she kicked a meth head out of her house and was worried about him coming to shoot her? Why did they not notify law enforcement or "DADDY." That's right he works for DCI...and they were breaking the law. Again as my dad said,"birds of a feather flock together!"
    If you don't like the laws then get involved in your local government and change them!!!! Their job is to enforce the laws that our society has agreed upon and set forth as law.
    It is very obvious who has has had negative encounters with the law and who has not! Consider where your information is coming from.
    As far as their "EXPERT" goes...he has "NEVER" been on a SWAT team, served a warrent....REALLY?? This is some bozo who is whoring him self out as an "EXPERT" to make a quick buck! Get a clue people of Powell! THEY BROKE THE LAW!!! If ya dont want the cops knocking down, then door then don't grow Marijuana in your basement.
    Also, why the hell should dad get special treatment??? He works for DCI for god sakes? You really think he did not know? Wake up? Maybe we should be investigating the DCI Agent? Is ther corruption? So next time you want to take something out of context think about what really may have happened! As my dad told me there are three sides to every story...their side, your side and the truth. As with every media outlet the full text is not printed just clips that will get grab your attention. How else are they going to make a story for people to read?

  • posted by Jethro Bodine

    February 23, 2011 8:36 am

    Danzer is gone? who is going to get me off my tickets now????

  • posted by Salty Dawg

    February 23, 2011 7:45 am

    This fiasco is getting better by the day. Popcorn anyone?

  • posted by 9rm41

    February 23, 2011 7:11 am

    Three things you should fear the most.
    O sama
    O bama
    and the PPD

  • posted by Buddha of Suburbia

    February 23, 2011 6:32 am

    'I was just following orders' sound familiar?

  • posted by Ed Wasburn

    February 22, 2011 9:54 pm

    Hmmmmmmmm,,I dont recall??,,,not including info in the reports? moving evidence for photos? and a county attorney who is no longer a county attorney? HMMMMM...just sayin,,,HMMM

    Good article. was

  • posted by john

    February 22, 2011 4:25 pm

    typical powell police and danzer was one of the worst.

  • posted by Bill

    February 22, 2011 9:54 am

    “I was a soldier; I was told to do (it) so I did,” Chretien said of planning the dynamic entry.

    SERIOUSLY!!!!!! Thats your defense!!!!! Wow.

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