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October 09, 2008 3:18 am

Voters should show political colors without fear of vandalism

Written by Tribune Staff

As America closes in on its final weeks of campaigning before Election Day, political fervor is heightened.

On each side, candidates are shifting to attack mode. Nationally, the McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden campaigns have locked horns on a number of issues.

That's no surprise in a heated election year when voter turnout is expected to be high. Each campaign, naturally, is trying to sway undecided voters in these fleeting October weeks.

While political attacks are expected at a national level, it's disappointing when it happens locally.

Republicans reported Tuesday that their campaign office in Cody had been vandalized. Republicans and Democrats said signs had been removed from lawns.

Such behavior is alarming.

One of America's greatest pillars is our freedom of speech, and as a country, we should encourage one another to openly express opinions — even if we absolutely disagree.

To remove a sign is to silence someone's voice, suppressing their inalienable right to be heard.

It's wonderful to see neighborhoods dotted with political yard signs, because it indicates that people are exercising their freedom of speech and engaging in political action.

Whether it's an Obama sign or a McCain sign — or one for the three other presidential candidates on Wyoming's ballot — Americans have every right to show their political colors publicly.