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February 27, 2014 10:08 am

Council faces choice on final retail liquor license

Written by Tom Lawrence

The Powell City Council faces a decision Monday night. It has one retail liquor license to award, and two applicants for it.

Three Powell residents — Dr. Valerie Lengfelder, her husband Matt Lengfelder and their business partner Christopher Cox, are seeking the license. Dr. Lengfelder would own 80 percent of the business, with Matt Lengfelder owning 15 percent and Cox the remaining 5 percent.

They want to open a restaurant/liquor store called Wyold West Brewing Company at 221 N. Bent St.

According to a design submitted to the city, it would contain a dining room, banquet/meeting room, kitchen and storage area, dispensing room, restrooms, a tasting/demo room and a liquor store, as well as an area identical in size to the dining room that is listed as “reserved for future use.”

Sunlight Mattress & Appliance was at that location until it closed last year.

Michael Bailey of Riverton, who does business as Bailey Enterprises, has also applied for the license. He plans to open Pit Stop 13, a convenience store and liquor store, at 555 S. Fair St. The business would be divided into two sections: a convenience store and a liquor store.

It would be located at the site of One Stop Motor Sports, a Polaris dealership that plans to relocate. The address has also housed a Burger King and a movie rental store.

Bailey Enterprises owns several convenience stores, including two in Powell, Pit Stops 11 and 12. Pit Stop 11 at 733 E. Coulter has a liquor license. Bailey said he bought those in late 2012.

He said he is not sure what will happen to his plans if he is not granted this license.

“That’s going to affect our plans on what we do. That’s when we would have to decide,” Bailey said. “A liquor store would be a vital part of what we plan to do.”

Both applicants were required to pay the fee for a retail liquor license in advance. They were given pro-rated prices based on the license being issued Monday.

Bailey paid $832.96, while Wyold West’s prospective owners paid that same price plus another $549.72 for a second dispensing room, since the liquor store would count as one as well.

Whichever applicant does not get the license will have their money refunded, said City Clerk Tiffany Brando. Both businesses were also required to pay $180 to have legal notices published in the Powell Tribune. That fee is not refundable.

All four applicants wrote on the city form that they have no felony convictions and have never been convicted of alcohol-related offenses.

City Administrator Zane Logan said the council may make a decision during Monday’s meeting. Mayor Don Hillman and the council took home the applications after the Feb. 18 meeting, so they will have two weeks to consider the choice.

“I would assume they will (decide),” Logan said Tuesday. “They could table it.”

While this is the final retail license available, there are other options for a business to sell liquor by the glass, including a bar and grill license. But both businesses plan to open liquor stores and would need a retail license to do so.

Logan said the burst of business interest in Powell, with The Red Zone opening, Hansel & Gretel’s, now H & G’s, changing hands, a proposed new restaurant just south of it, and these applicants, is welcome news.

“It shows people might have more dispensable income, or at least these folks feel there are signs that show that,” he said.


  • Comment Link February 27, 2014 10:44 am posted by Greg P

    The idea of another restaurant to choose from in Powell is a very good idea. It is hard to find a good place to take the family for a sit down dinner and not have to go to Cody.

  • Comment Link February 27, 2014 11:22 am posted by Mike Wilson

    It will likely go to Lengfelder as we in Powell like to scratch each others' backs.
    Physician salary seems to not have taken a hit due to the debacle at PVHC while others' have been "let go".
    I like the idea of the other venture-maybe a way to get more businesses on that side of the tracks!

  • Comment Link February 27, 2014 11:50 am posted by Scott

    A dispensing room makes it a brewery. I think Powell would be a good place to have another restaurant/1st brewery option. How many run of the mill liquor/convenience stores do you need in Powell?

  • Comment Link February 28, 2014 7:31 am posted by Disgusted taxpayer

    Just what Powell needs,another booze license as if there are not enough already.

  • Comment Link February 28, 2014 2:26 pm posted by Evan

    Maybe the Mayor should go on a cruise with one of the applicants. That would seal the deal.

    Just thinking!

  • Comment Link March 01, 2014 5:23 pm posted by Rose Wenstrom

    Though we live in Deaver and don't really go out drinking (to a bar), we are in Powell several times a week and a brewery/pub/restaurant would be a welcomed addition, in our opinion. Don't know about your local politics, back-scratching, etc. - but this business is a great idea, more so than a liquor store. But just our opinion...

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