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Decision had been scheduled for Monday but Logan says more time needed  

The Powell City Council has junked a plan to make a decision Monday night on where to take the city’s garbage.

City Administrator Zane Logan said Wednesday the issue will not be on the agenda for the next council meeting. It was a reversal of a statement made less than two hours earlier.

Prosecutors say no criminal charges will be filed in connection with a Northwest College student’s fatal fall from a Denver hotel balcony last month.

Hold onto your mask, Kemosabe.

Forget about Johnny Depp and his ill-fated attempt to revive “The Lone Ranger” franchise. A relic from the glory days of the 1950s, when the Lone Ranger and his faithful companion Tonto chased bad guys in a weekly TV series, has landed at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West in Cody.

President Barack Obama requested $2.6 billion for the National Park Service’s budget for fiscal year 2015, but it appears unlikely Congress will completely support the president’s proposed figure.

April 15, 2014 7:58 am

More than tickets

Written by Tom Lawrence

2-hour downtown parking limit kept, but council says businesses need to help themselves 

The Powell City Council considered dropping the two-hour parking rule in downtown, but after a discussion agreed to keep it — and rarely enforce it.

Yancy and Robbi Welch of Powell are beginning their journey to South Korea on Wednesday, flying 13 hours nonstop from San Francisco to Seoul. These 10-days of “Seoul Searching” are the beginning of Robbi’s birth family search, and her first visit to her homeland.

Former Sen. Alan Simpson is making his pro-same sex marriage position even more public.

Simpson speaks out in favor of gay unions in a 30-second TV commercial that will soon air in Wyoming and other Western states.