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July 03, 2012 8:37 am

EDITORIAL: Consistent leadership needed at Powell Chamber

Written by Tessa Schweigert

For the fourth time in four years, the Powell Valley Chamber of Commerce is searching for a new executive director.

Since Kim Capron left in June 2008, the chamber has employed three different directors. Last week, Craig Kenyon, who was hired last summer, announced he is resigning from the post effective July 25.

We understand Kenyon’s decision to leave the chamber to move closer to his family. It’s just unfortunate that means the chamber board is, once again, searching for a new leader.

The Powell Valley Chamber of Commerce plays an important role in this community. It serves as the voice of small businesses. It distributes information about the Powell Valley to people and organizations outside the community, promoting local businesses and helping those who may relocate here. Overall, the chamber helps businesses connect with one another and the customers they serve.

Unlike many rural areas, Powell’s downtown is vibrant, with few empty storefronts on Bent Street. A thriving chamber of commerce is crucial to continue cultivating a robust downtown.

Powell businesses and community members depend on a strong, stable chamber of commerce, but years of turnover threaten to tarnish that image. Consistency in leadership is key to its future success.

We want to see the chamber continue to succeed and feel confident that its board of directors can find the right person for the job. Kenyon helped boost membership numbers and improve the chamber’s image in the community, and his successor must maintain that momentum while also providing stability for the years ahead.

In the upcoming interview process, it’s important to find a leader who is dedicated to strengthening the business community and who is committed to promoting Powell.

Especially during times of economic uncertainty, the chamber needs a leader who is invested in Powell — and its future.

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  • Comment Link July 03, 2012 10:12 am posted by clipstein

    needed a board with retail experience not this good old boys........something this paper and them don't understand--is the chamber is for all not just their select few... and remember every business in a community is a benefit whether you like them or not.... or if a member of the chamber. the good old boys should act like humans and care for all.....
    not take 21 months to find a new business that open in powell.... the first thing a new director should do is go to ALL business and find out what they want, need, or doing as a business...too much hate, disconent and being negative......
    they should also be telling the city you are your own worst enemy...not try to destroy someone who disagreed with you and now you have many laughing at your being stupid

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