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October 13, 2011 8:53 am

EDITORIAL: Supporting Loaves and Fishes

Written by Don Amend

Last night (Wednesday), volunteers worked the streets of Powell seeking donations of food to fill the pantry of the community’s food bank, Loaves and Fishes.

While we don’t know the results of last night’s drive yet, Powell people always have come through on behalf of those who find themselves in need of groceries. They have contributed generously, not only to the October drive, but to the postal workers’ spring drive and drives held by churches and other organizations, or they have routinely placed items in barrels at Blair’s Market and Food Basket IGA.

This drive was particularly important because, according to Loaves and Fishes treasurer Cindy Balderas, the need for the organization’s service during the summer was higher than usual. Between 200 and 300 people were served by the organization each month during the past summer, and Balderas said the usage has been at about that level all year. 

As a result, the pantry shelves are nearly depleted, and with the holiday season coming, the demand is likely to continue to be high as families cope with the current economy. We trust that the people of Powell moved to address that need with last night’s collection.

Anyone who missed last night’s collection for any reason still can help. The barrels at the supermarkets are there, and food items can be placed in them anytime.

Loaves and Fishes also can use monetary contributions, money the organization can use to purchase food when needed or to provide vouchers that help families in need to purchase milk or fresh meat. Monetary donations can be mailed to Loaves and Fishes, Box 992 in Powell.

Another way Powell residents can help is to volunteer their time. Loaves and Fishes depends entirely on volunteers to carry out its mission, and Balderas said this year’s drive had fewer volunteers.

Loaves and Fishes provides a valuable service for those who find themselves in unfortunate circumstances, and the support for that service by the Powell community with their time and money is commendable. We trust that support will continue, and the organization can continue to fulfill its mission effectively.

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