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August 02, 2011 9:30 am

EDITORIAL: Shop local to keep county strong

Written by Tessa Schweigert

The Park County Fair parade rolled down Bent Street Saturday with dozens of floats, hundreds of spectators, airborne candy and old-time parade pageantry, celebrating the community at its best.

The event served as a visible representation of the many businesses and organizations that continually invest in the communities of Park County.

Just hours after Saturday morning’s parade and a few streets away, local businesses and organizations exhibited their support for Park County’s youth by spending more than $275,000 at the annual Junior Livestock Sale.

Throughout the coming weeks, you’ll see the thank-you notes in the newspaper and familiar plaques appearing on businesses’ walls. The community’s support helps reward young people for their many hours of hard work.

While business support was especially evident during the fair, it remains a year-round constant. Countywide, businesses continually support fundraising efforts for residents facing medical bills, students, church groups, athletes and a host of other needs.

Businesses continuously do their part to keep the community strong, and it’s up to residents to support area businesses by shopping locally.

A couple of years ago in this editorial space, we advocated a shop local movement called the 3/50 Project. The national project is based on a simple idea: Each month, spend $50 at three independently owned businesses that you would miss if they disappeared.

For every $100 that is spent in locally-owned businesses, $68 remains in the community through taxes, payroll and other expenditures, according to the project’s website. Spent in a national chain, that dwindles to $43. Spent online, none of that money returns home.

For Powell to remain vital, it’s imperative that residents spend money locally.

We expect that the emerging Powell Economic Partnership will encourage new economic growth and development. We’re also hopeful that the new director of the Powell Valley Chamber of Commerce will guide current businesses toward continued growth.

There have been a number of changes in the business community over the past year, and in an upcoming edition, the Tribune will feature new downtown businesses as well as those that have revamped or changed ownership.

Local businesses, old and new alike, play an incredibly vital role in the overall health of our community. We need to invest in the businesses that are investing in Powell.


  • Comment Link August 02, 2011 2:27 pm posted by Disgusted Local Taxpayer

    "Local businesses, old and new alike, play an incredibly vital role in the overall health of our community. We need to invest in the businesses that are investing in Powell." Really? I guess the selective sytem the Powell "good old boys" use only caters to certain business's.As for shopping local,tell it to the hundreds of people that run ti Billings any day of the week and come back with cars and trucks full.You people sure aren't doing something right,and if you all want to get locals to "shop local" you are gonna have to work at it a lot better than you do.Until then,my buck goes to Billings..better deals..better prices..better selections...and better customer service.

  • Comment Link August 03, 2011 7:19 am posted by TB

    Agreed with taxpayer.

  • Comment Link August 22, 2011 12:27 pm posted by Cap

    Agrees with "TAX PAYER", again. To say nothing about sales tax! We travel to Billings for ALL our big purchases,such as furniture and appliances because the cost of gas more than makes up for the sales tax.
    To rationalize this, my truck gets 20 mpg or more, which means I can travel to Billings and back on 10 gallons of fuel or less. If you make your big purchases, and do the wally-world thing and buy a months worth of groceries, you will more than likely save that 40 dollars in fuel on your sales tax.
    I would like to shop locally and support my community, but you business owners need to make it happen. FIGURE IT OUT, or go under.

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