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July 10, 2014 7:22 am

EDITORIAL: PVHC employees trying to restore system’s health

Written by Tom Lawrence

Thumbs up to the Powell Valley Healthcare staffers who agreed to forego a raise to keep the operation from suffering even further financial woes.

The employees voted to decline a 2 percent raise for fiscal year 2015, realizing the nonprofit healthcare system is in dire need of a financial turnaround. Earlier, some workers agreed to take furloughs — unpaid time off — to help out, while retaining their paid leave.

PVHC is trying to dig itself out of a hole by raising revenue and reducing expenses. The employees, who of course would like to have the additional money, realize they have to be part of the solution.

By turning down the raises, the workers saved PVHC $302,000, and earned themselves a pat on the back from the community. Here’s hoping the system’s financial health is in the upswing.

Thumbs up to the apparent decision not to impeach Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill.

The Wyoming House of Representatives conducted an investigation of Hill’s leadership of the Education Department before most of her authority was stripped from her office in 2013. The report, released last week, termed Hill’s performance as “odd, erratic and troubling.”

But Speaker Tom Lubnau, R-Gillette, said he sees no reason to impeach Hill, which would mean the state Senate would have to hold a trial to see if she should be removed from office. It would make little sense, Lubnau said, with her term ending in less than six months, and the expense — which could top $1 million — would be difficult to justify.

Hill is angry about the report, saying she has been unfairly attacked. But the more we learn of her policies and practices in office, the less we sympathize with her.

She is making her case to voters and is one of three Republican candidates for governor in the Aug. 19 primary. In the end, voters will render a judgment on Cindy Hill, and we’re fine with that.

Thumbs down to kids and pets being left in hot cars.

It seems we are being inundated with distressing [moved up from sentence about pets] reports of young children jeopardized — or sadly enough, dying — when they are left in vehicles with their windows shut tight during hot weather. Add to it the stories about pets also placed in such a hazardous position and it becomes apparent we have a matter at hand that needs to be addressed.

Everyone can make a mistake or have a forgetful moment. But if you have a child or a pet you take for a ride, remind yourself, via an electronic message, with some symbol you use, or in any way you see fit, that a vulnerable person or animal is your responsibility.

Let’s not see an incident such as this happen in our community.

On the positive side, a young Nashville, Ill., boy recently won a $500 award for his simple invention, the EZ Baby Saver, designed to remind parents when they have children in the backseat. His website, including a link to instructions about how to make your own from rubber bands and duct tape, is found at www.ezbabysaver.com.

Thumbs up to time off.

Most Americans enjoyed a three-day weekend from July 4-6. The Fourth of July fell on a Friday, creating a longer-than-normal weekend for people. It was a welcome break.

Americans work longer hours and more days than almost any other people on the planet, surveys repeatedly show. Predictions made years ago that people would work four-day weeks, or have more vacation time, have sadly been proven overly optimistic.

We’d like to see workers get more time off and feel they would be happier, more productive and healthier. No one died wishing they had spent another day on the job — relaxation and time with family and friends are vitally important.

Now get back to work!

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