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May 01, 2014 7:22 am

EDITORIAL: Fair board needs to get moving on fundraising task

Written by Tom Lawrence

Thumbs down to confusion and inaction on the part of the Park County Fair Board.

It was tasked with raising $500,000 to help pay for a new multi-use building on the fairgrounds. So far, it has collected $1,750 and seems to have more questions than answers.

The Park County Commission provided $15,000 to assist in the fundraising effort, but we found out last week the fair board doesn’t know how to access it. We’d suggest making a call or two to solve that stumper.

While waiting for questions to be answered, the board delayed its February campaign kick-off and lost crucial time leading up to a May 31 deadline for matching funds. It’s unlikely that a half-million dollars will be raised this month, but any money raised in the weeks ahead still will help decrease taxpayers’ burden in the project.

We encourage fair leaders and county commissioners to work together in planning and fundraising for the new facility. Our community values the fairgrounds and looks forward to what the new multi-use building will offer during future fairs and events. Instead of spinning their wheels, it’s time for fair board members to recognize support for the project in Park County and move forward in fundraising efforts.

Thumbs up to the volunteers who helped the Community Garden get ready for this year.

They came out Saturday morning to do prep work, led by Sandra “Frosty” Frost of the University of Wyoming Extension Service. Ty Sammons of Sammons Excavation and his employee, Casey Leonhardt brought a back hoe and dump truck. They added their knowledge and sweat for free.

“Doesn’t hurt to do a little volunteer work,” Sammons said.

Wise words. Let’s hope that plants a seed in a lot of people’s minds.

Thumbs down to a report of a Powell youth soccer coach hitting an opposing coach at a game Saturday.

This man — in years, if not actions, anyway — set a terrible example for the 13-year-olds he was coaching and was appropriately cited by police and tossed out of the tournament. Sports are supposed to be fun, good exercise and a chance to learn about teamwork and sportsmanship. This incident was another kind of lesson.

Stupid actions like this, and there’s no way to term it anything else, have no place in sports, especially when kids are involved. This was a net loss for all.

Thumbs up to the economic development strategic plan that was unveiled Tuesday by Powell Economic Partnership.

The plan, designed with the assistance of Building Communities,  an Idaho consulting firm, calls for a more energized and diverse economic base here. The study specifically looked at entrepreneurism, industry-specific light manufacturing and value-added agriculture and offered worthy ideas on how to convert those terms into jobs and money.

This is not a plan devised without local involvement. PEP teamed with the city of Powell to conduct a community assessment and used that to conceive this proposal. So, you have been asked for your thoughts and your input would still be welcomed, along with your involvement.

Now it’s up to the people and businesses here to act on these ideas. Here’s wishing them luck and energy.

Thumbs down to rain.

That’s all that needs to be said. Enough already. More than enough, actually.

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  • Comment Link May 02, 2014 8:20 am posted by clipstein

    should have mentioned dreams and delusions. they have already or is it karma? a fair is a fair and not delusions. bring on the popcorn and maybe a coke to drink,

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