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April 10, 2013 10:16 am

EDITORIAL: Rodeo not on trial with this newspaper

Written by Dave Bonner

Let there be no mistake about it. This newspaper supports rodeo and its reflection of our Western way of life.

We salute the accomplishments of dedicated rodeo cowboys and cowgirls or the folks who just like to throw a rope or climb on a critter in the corral to try their luck.  We revel in the feats of athleticism of those who rodeo as a sport or as a career, and we are proud to cover their pursuits in this newspaper. From the dusty fairgrounds arenas to the State Capitol, rodeo is special in Wyoming.

That’s the official opinion of this newspaper.

A piece by a columnist on the opinion page of this newspaper in our Tuesday, April 9 edition had an opposite take on rodeo.  It was a personal column, a personal opinion on a page prominently labeled as Opinion. Step back, folks, and you should agree: The columnist is entitled to his opinion, even when it is wildly unpopular.

Personal columnists or guest columnists or writers of letters to the editor do not speak for the newspaper. Their opinion is individually owned and becomes fair game for full discussion and dissection.

This newspaper speaks in its own editorial column, and it, too, is labeled for all to see under the heading of  “In Our Opinion.” That, and that alone, is the only position attributable to this newspaper.


  • Comment Link April 10, 2013 4:44 pm posted by Newt Jane Pawley

    Wow - Who is Dante Geoffrey!!!!!!!!!!
    His article and opinion hits the heart of this family with a vengence!!!!!!!
    I'm speaking of his article on RODEO. And
    why in the world would a man with those
    uninformed opinions move to our area?
    I would like to write much more but both
    of us are still steaming..............
    and would probably say WAY TOO MUCH.
    This man's opinion on the subject of RODEO belongs somewhere else. Not Wyoming.

  • Comment Link April 10, 2013 8:35 pm posted by Josie

    Rodeo is a way of life, a business, and an attraction. It is all three. In fact, in the year 2013, you can’t focus on one over the other.

    There is no cruelty or violence in rodeo; personally, the only time I’ve seen someone squirm is with the calf ropin’. Those little guys jump right up, shake it off, and take off into their own future. If you don’t believe it, I can arrange for you to have the job of attending to them.

    Does that mean no human or animal life is ever spared at a rodeo event? No.

    However, that is all beside the point.

    Diversity of opinion should be
    embraced. What with that hateful comments in the original article? We don’t have to ALL think the SAME way. Thank God & Freedom we can decide.

    As Dave said, a “columnist” is free to their own opinion, they are not a “reporter.” Some of the people who responded with fury should look those terms up. Further, if you want to write a thought provoking column every single week in a small town, have at it!! I hope it pays your electricity.

    Above all, thank you Park County, for being exactly what I want in a home. Hope to see every fellow reader at the nightly’ this summer +

    ~Josie Hedderman
    Cody, Wyoming

  • Comment Link April 12, 2013 9:21 am posted by Don

    This is just another example of a liberal being exposed to the real world. It simply doesn't work. They have no clue what it takes to make the world run, that rodeos are ranchers showing their skills they developed from years of work to feed the consumers. They would love to outlaw all forms of food production, then cry when they have nothing to eat.

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