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November 23, 2012 9:30 am

EDITORIAL: Holiday shopping should start here

Written by Ilene Olson

Today (Friday) begins the mad rush we call the Christmas shopping season.

Black Friday marks the kickoff of the season, with many beginning their search for the perfect gifts for their loved ones at the perfect price.

As area residents begin this annual quest, we encourage them to patronize local businesses as much as possible.

When looking for just the right gift, check out local stores first. It’s likely they’ll have something that will match what you need.

Or, if you want to give a gift with more flexibility, consider giving Powell Bucks, which work like gift certificates that can be spent at any business that is a member of the Powell Valley Chamber of Commerce. Call the chamber at 754-3494 or stop by the office at 111 S. Day St. for more information or to purchase Powell Bucks.

It’s sometimes true that local businesses can’t quite match the prices offered by competing businesses in bigger cities that can buy goods on a larger scale. But when you add to those big-city bargains the cost of a tank of gas, driving on busy and sometimes slick highways and the time that takes, navigating in crowded streets and stores and dealing with frustrated shoppers and employees, shopping closer to home just makes sense.

We also encourage local business owners, managers and employees to do all they can to make sure people have good shopping experiences here that will make them want to come back repeatedly during the coming year.

Keeping your business here helps local businesses, which in turn help support the community, all year round. It is local businesses that people and organizations often turn to when asking for donations and support for special events, fundraisers for schools, sports and other causes and for charities to help those in need. It’s only fair for us to support those businesses as well.

When we support local businesses— both downtown and in other locations — we help those businesses remain vital parts of the local economy, ensuring that Powell will remain a vibrant community.

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  • Comment Link November 24, 2012 1:16 pm posted by Disgusted taxpayer

    Ahh...the good old days in Powell trying to find what you need in a local store. Sorry,we don't have it but it can be in on the next wagon train. Life is better now.

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