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Dante Geoffrey

Southside Elementary is being recognized nationally as a model for other schools that follow a Professional Learning Community (PLC) method of teaching.

A Professional Learning Community school is one that strives to create a focus on learning, forming a collaborative culture and getting results, said former Southside principal Ginger Sleep.

When I accepted this position at the Tribune, I knew precisely two things about Powell.

It is named Powell and it has a newspaper called the Tribune.

The completion date of Powell Middle School’s new wing has been delayed, but will still be open in time for the 2012-13 school year.

Phase one of the two-phase project  — built by Groathouse Construction — initially was scheduled to be finished June 14. The delay, due to an excess of moisture in the concrete foundation of the new construction, has pushed the completion date to July 9.

Nature’s signal must be strong here, because the call of the wild has been ringing louder within me now than it ever did in California.

It’s no surprise that I – or anyone – would be drawn to the majesty of Yellowstone, Bighorn Canyon, Shoshone Canyon or any of the many other enticing locations near Powell.

I never thought of myself as being out of touch, but my recent move to Powell has me reconsidering.

When I realized that people around here are “in touch” in a way I clearly am not, I was left with no choice but to accept my status as a person, once removed.

The Smith Mansion, a seemingly haphazard arrangement of weathered logs that sits in the Wapiti Valley off of U.S. 14-16-20, is a structure that evades easy classification.

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