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Dante Geoffrey

A youthful Powell High School girls’ swim team will look to improve on a 2011 season which saw them finish 10th at state.

Head coach Luke Robertson said his 27-girl squad will only have 10 upperclassmen this season and will rely on their leadership plus an influx of young talent to stay competitive.

The team also has 10 sophomores and seven freshman.

Last night I was reading Michael Ian Black’s “You’re not doing it right.”

The half-silly but fully serious memoir is a brutally honest exercise in self-reflection — and it’s making me reflect on things I’m clearly not ready to see.

It is often remarked how technology has shrunk our world down to an incredibly small size. The speeds of communication and information are such that anybody with a cell phone or computer is within reach, regardless of their coordinates on Earth.

I live a few states and one time zone away from 99 percent of the people I’ve known, but I’m able to interact with them almost as much as before I moved.


The Olympics are well underway, and I’m as enthused as most any American — which is to say I’m not all that enthused.

Michael Phelps has proven he is human, USA basketball is predictably crushing the non-competition, and the other athletes I’ve never heard of are doing things in their sports I’ve never cared about.


Westside behind other Powell elementary schools

Park County School District No. 1 remains ahead of the curve in Wyoming based on assessment scores recently released by the Wyoming Department of Education.

The district scored better than the state’s average in all three subjects tested — reading, math and science — in the Proficiency Assessment for Wyoming Students (PAWS).

The Park County School District No. 1 board of trustees unanimously passed the district’s budget for the 2013 fiscal year on July 18.

The budget is smaller than those of recent years, but coordinator of business services Mary Jo Lewis said it won’t affect the quality of education.

An open letter to Californians who think they know, from someone who’s been there

Talking politics might be my least favorite pastime. Nothing could be a bigger waste or drain on my day.

I know people should be involved and engaged in politics — that’s the blueprint of this country, right? — but discussions about politics, religion and philosophy often lead to anger and frustration rather than changed minds or mutual understanding.

Planning OCD-inspired road trips

Settling into my one-bedroom apartment in Powell took all of one day.

My Subaru Outback — which is roughly the same size as my apartment — was haphazardly packed to the brim (do cars have brims?) with everything I own.

Finding courage in my new environment

I thought it was a bit soon for me to revisit subjects I’ve already written about, but if they can reboot the Spiderman movie franchise just 10 years after the original, I can write a follow up after only three columns.

My second piece, “A call of the wild,” (published June 12) expressed my desire to take full advantage of my wild new surroundings.


Kenyon leaves chamber due to family matters

The search for a new executive director of the Powell Valley Chamber of Commerce — a seemingly annual event — will begin soon, following the announcement of current director Craig Kenyon’s July 25th resignation.

Unlike his predecessor, Kenyon is leaving on his own terms.

“This is not something I want to do, but it’s something I have to do,” Kenyon said. “When it comes time, you have to do what your family needs.”

Kenyon will be moving to Knoxville, Tenn., with his family after leaving Powell.

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