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Tessa Baker

If you ask kids whether they’d like a half-day off from school every week, you’ll likely get a resounding yes.

But adults may feel differently.

When taking roll call in Powell classrooms, 1,835 students are present this year.

Park County School District No. 1 saw an increase of about 1.4 percent — or 25 students — in enrollment this fall.

Before figuring out whether to allow school staff to have concealed weapons on campus, the Cody school board wants to find out if anyone would sign up.

In America, it’s easy to find examples of incivility.

Just scroll through social media, turn on a 24-hour cable news show or even listen to our political leaders.

In nearly every subject and grade, Powell students scored above the state average in this year’s standardized tests.

At a time when common ground is hard to find on a football field, much less in Washington, a panel of Wyomingites tackled some of the toughest issues facing America at a Sunday forum.

As storm clouds rolled over the area and temperatures dropped this week, some of us lamented the sudden end to summertime while others happily welcomed the early arrival of autumnal days.

But few watched the change in weather more closely than local farmers.

Not very many people reach their 100th birthday. Even fewer still garden, bake, do housework and live independently after a full century.

For Evelyn Onstine, staying active is just part of life — even as she marks her 36,525th day on earth.

The road from here to Cheyenne is long and often lonely. You can go miles without seeing anyone, and the landscape can be desolate.

In Wyoming, we don’t have all the answers to fix our country’s health care system, but we do have some insight to offer Washington, D.C.

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