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December 04, 2008 4:26 am

Hairy for your hometown

Written by Tribune Staff

Beard-growing contest slated

John Wesley Powell had one, big and thick like a bird's nest.

So, in honor of the Powell founder's flowing whiskers, the Powell Centennial Committee is encouraging a beard-growing contest.

Entering is easy. Leave the razor on the bathroom sink and read.

Entrants can start their beards beginning New Year's Eve., which kicks off Powell's Centennial celebration. Guys who have beards already can keep their current bush and still enter the contest.

If you grow a beard or maintain one, you can get a free Powell Centennial button featuring the man himself, Powell.

Relief is available for those fellows who prefer a smooth chin, too.

“Pay $5 and you can be clean-shaven and get a collector's button,” said Powell Mayor Scott Mangold, who sports his own facial hair and happens to be a member of the Powell Centennial Committee.

Buttons can be purchased on New Year's Eve at the Centennial Ball or from committee members, Mangold said.
The buttons are mighty elegant. A picture of John Powell, with the words, “I'm growing a beard for the Powell Centennial, 1909-2009,” or “I paid to be clean shaven for the Powell Centennial.”

Take your pick, boys.

What's the logic of a bunch of fuzzy guys walking the streets of Powell? The beard's point is to display Powell pride and support the Centennial Committee, Mangold said.

The best and ugliest beards will be judged. Winners will be announced on Powell Founders' Day, which just happens to coincide with Memorial Day, May 25.

Button proceeds will go to the Powell Centennial Committee to support future community celebrations honoring Powell's 100 years.

“It's going to be a fun year,” Mangold said.

Get those buttons at Powell City Hall, First National Bank and Trust, the Powell Chamber of Commerce or the Powell Tribune.