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April 27, 2010 3:27 am

Projects help provide quality, affordable housing

Written by Tribune Staff

What a difference a year makes.

Last April, two reputable local organizations sought the Powell City Council's sponsorship for a community block grant. The Rocky Mountain Manor and Mountain Spirit Habitat for Humanity each needed grant money, but the council could only give sponsorship to one group for a state grant. Both the manor and Habitat serve low-income residents.

Even with the council's support, it was unclear whether either of the local groups would secure the funding they needed to continue providing affordable housing in the Powell area.

Though councilmen chose to support the Rocky Mountain Manor's renovation project at the time, months later, they supported Mountain Spirit Habitat for Humanity in a different grant quest — $500,000 to construct a ReStore.

Fortunately, both Habitat and the manor received the grant money they needed.

On Saturday, Habitat volunteers celebrated the ReStore's groundbreaking. Once opened, the ReStore will provide funding for Habitat to become more self-sustaining so it can create more affordable housing opportunities in Powell and Cody.

Currently, the Rocky Mountain Manor is undergoing major renovations in its 52 units. The updates, including new showers, toilets and sinks, will make daily life easier for elderly residents.

Last year at this time, both nonprofit groups were seeking grant dollars, a daunting task in an uncertain economy. With both projects now underway, we're thankful they can each continue their missions of providing quality, affordable housing in the Powell community.