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September 01, 2008 6:50 am

Enough already!

Written by Tribune Staff

After waging a primary campaign full of personal attacks on fellow Republican Mark Gordon, Cynthia Lummis started her general election campaign with another dose of those same tactics.
The Republican candidate for U.S. House last week blasted her opponent, Democrat Gary Trauner — not for his stance on the issues, but because he was raised in New York (Trauner has lived in Wyoming the past 18 years).
She later apologized, but only after raising eyebrows around the state and drawing unfavorable comparisons to current Rep. Barbara Cubin.
The attack was a poor choice on Lummis' part. Statements like that, or the impressions created by them, don't wipe away with a simple apology.
As voters, we thirst for a new day — a new brand of politics — absent the personal attacks.
Lummis risks diminishing her credibility with voters if this approach continues.
There are too many important issues that deserve our candidates' attention — whether or not someone was raised in Wyoming is not one of them.
It's time for Lummis to put the partisan games aside and focus more on telling citizens what she's going to do to represent this state.
Only then can we make a good decision about whether she or Trauner will best serve our interests.