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August 20, 2008 2:09 pm

Non-partisan primary could foreshadow general election results

Written by Tribune Staff

In the contest for Powell mayor, incumbent Scott Mangold was victorious in the primary with nearly 65 percent (730) of the votes.
Challenger Tim Sapp, current Ward 3 city councilman, trailed with 34 percent, or 386 votes. There were nine write-in votes.
Mangold said he experienced mixed emotions about the primary.
“I was happy that the majority of people (who voted) thought we're going in the right direction as far as the mayor's race. But I was disappointed that more people weren't out voting,” he said.
On Wednesday, Sapp said, “I don't have a comment at this time. I haven't seen the (primary) results yet to know what's going on.”
In addition, three city council seats are up for grabs this year. The Ward 1 city council race pits incumbent Jim Hillberry against newcomer Shea Reel. Hillberry captured 68 percent of the primary votes, with Reel getting just over 30 percent. There were 5 write-in votes in the Ward 1 tabulation.
Of the results, Hillberry said, “Of course when you're the top vote-getter, you're always happy. I appreciate the confidence of the people who get out and vote for me. I thank them for that, and we'll continue on and try to do the best job we can for the city of Powell.”
Shea Reel said the results of the primary will push him to try a little bit harder.
“I'm impressed by Hillberry's following, but I think I can do better,” Reel said.
In the months leading up to the general election, Reel said he would be advertising and “trying to get my face out there more.”
Incumbent Mark Senn trailed Floyd Young in the Ward 2 city council primary. Young received close to 72 percent (302) of the votes, while Senn got 28 percent (118). Two write-in votes did little to sway the results.
When Young learned of his primary victory Wednesday, he said “I'm excited. I'm very grateful to the people who voted for me. I'm thrilled and humbled by the vote.”
Young added that he would continue to attend city council meetings leading up to the general election in November.
Senn said Wednesday afternoon that he had not yet seen the results, but that he would “get out a little bit more” prior to the general election.
“I'll be doing more campaigning and looking at some things we've done in the past,” he added.
The Ward 3 race features two faces who are familiar with city council operations. Don Hillman served one full term and a partial second term on city council 1986-1993. He was transferred out of the area and had to give up his seat on the council three years into his second term. His opponent, John Sides, has also spent time on the council. He was appointed to fill LouAnn Borders' seat in 2004 and was elected to finish the term. He served until 2006.
Hillman received nearly 70 percent of the primary votes (214), while Sides garnered close to 30 percent (90). The three write-in votes amounted to one percent of the total.
“I'm glad it turned out the way it did,” Hillman said.
According to Sides, “It was just the primary. We'll see what happens in the general.”
The general election is November 4, 2008.