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Gib Mathers

October 08, 2013 7:36 am

Farmers cope with rain and now snow

Rain and snow have definitely put a damper on harvests.

October 03, 2013 7:36 am

How I spent the summer of 1988

Memories of the Fires of ’88 are etched into my brain like a burning brand.

Many lessons were learned after 1988 Yellowstone fires


Current and former Yellowstone National Park superintendents and members of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition weren’t there to roast marshmallows and munch on hot dogs.

Yellowstone National Park wasn’t the only place where wildfires burned in 1988.

All hell broke loose at Old Faithful on Sept. 7, 1988.

That day, a firestorm from the North Fork Fire slammed Yellowstone National Park’s iconic geyser and everything around it. A historic inn, named for the famed tourist attraction, was in peril.

As everyone knowns, trees burned, animals fled in panic and buildings were destroyed during the fiery summer of 1988, but there was also a human cost.

August 20, 2013 8:40 am

Burned into memory

25 years ago, fiery ‘Black Saturday’ torched Yellowstone National Park

They called it “Black Saturday.”

When the historic fires in Yellowstone National Park were at their hottest in 1988, park officials were surprised the problem kept getting worse. They believed July rains would at least dampen the flames, as they always had in the past.

Farmers receive double whammy with second hailstorm in a week

What the hail is going on around here?

Many Powell area farmers who suffered crop damage from the July 30 hailstorm got slammed again Monday night.

A rider thrown from his horse on Sheep Mountain Saturday is on the mend following a two-day hospital stay.

Matthew Bell, 57, of Cody was hauling salt blocks with friends for heifers on Sheep Mountain when a covey of grouse flushed in front of his horse.