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Don Amend

By the time you read this bit of “wisdom,” Congress will either have taken action to raise the nation’s debt limit or they will have failed to take action.

Either way, they won’t have solved the mess that is the nation’s budget, and, I’m guessing, they won’t — because, frankly, I don’t think anybody in Congress really knows how to solve it.

At this writing, Congress still has not made a decision on the government’s debt limit.

More importantly, they have not made visible progress on dealing with the national debt.

A Texas-based company has won the contract to build the new Powell High School stadium.

The Park County School District No. 1 school board voted last week to award the $2.14 million contract to Hellas Construction of Austin, Texas.

A controversy over the bidding of a pipeline project west of Powell illustrates the complexities public entities face as they try to spend public money responsibly.

Big Horn Lake continued to rise slowly over the weekend, and Monday morning had reached a surface elevation of more than 3,653 feet above sea level, about 3.5 feet from the top of the flood pool.

The Bureau of Reclamation Montana office has forecast that the lake would likely reach 3,654 feet during the current run-off.

Keep the Big Horn Basin whole.

That was the message local legislators conveyed to the Joint Corporations, Elections and Political Subdivisions during a hearing held in Powell Tuesday morning in an effort to keep the Big Horn Basin from losing a seat in the Legislature due to reapportionment.

Every 10 years, the Wyoming Legislature is required to reapportion House and Senate districts to conform to population changes revealed in the national census.

This year, that effort has serious implications for the four counties here in the Big Horn Basin. Ever since the Wyoming Legislature established single member districts in 1992, the Basin has been represented by six members of the House of Representatives and three senators, and all of their districts have been enclosed in the circle of mountains that separates the Big Horn Basin from the rest of the state.

High run-off in area streams is expected to last through the end of the month, but the danger of flooding on major streams appears to be diminishing.

According to Mart Knapp, director of Homeland Security for Park County, the Shoshone River still is in the action zone, but barring heavy rain, he doesn’t expect flooding.

July 07, 2011 9:41 am

CORNER: Down memory lane

There was a time when the University of Wyoming campus was the center of my world.

That, as you can probably tell from the color of my whiskers, was a long time ago. It’s been almost 50 years since I matriculated at UW and spent four years of study, work and play on or near that campus. Later, I spent five summers doing graduate study in Laramie, but I finished that a long time ago, too, almost 40 years in fact.

News that SkyWest Airlines flights through Salt Lake City will no longer be available at Yellowstone Regional Airport is disappointing.

While travelers will still have the ability to fly to and from Cody by way of Denver, the loss of the Delta connection service to Salt Lake will reduce the number of available flights as well as the options for making connections.