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July 21, 2011 9:23 am

SPORTS GUY: America’s pastime and Europe’s past

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Baseball fever has arrived once again in the Big Horn Basin. If the community seems a little short on youth this week, it could be because we have teams scattered all the way from Rock Springs and Lyman, clear out to Gillette playing in various district and state tournaments.

I’ve tried to keep up with everyone here at the sports desk, but it certainly hasn’t been easy, especially when tournaments shift location from one community to another on short notice — yes, Evanston, I’m talking about you. I owe a huge shout-out of thanks to a number of coaches, parents and fans who have helped keep me apprised of the action for the various all-star teams who are still playing.

With baseball’s post-season taking center stage, it’s hard to imagine that there are other sports taking place, but if you’re looking to whet your appetite on other fare, a drive into Casper on Saturday for the Wyoming Coaches Association all-star contests may be in order. This is your last chance to see a number of Wyoming’s best volleyball and basketball talent assembled together before they part ways for colleges and, in some cases, retirement from competition.

This is also a good time to point out that we’re only a month away from the start of competitive fall athletic contests locally. Two-a-day practices will be upon us before that. If you’re a local prep athlete, consider this your wake-up call to start getting in shape and get ready to get in the arena.

Speaking of the arena, The Sports Guy received an email recently that might be of interest to a segment of the local population. After all, one of the things I love about this job is the opportunity to occasionally bring my readers face-to-face with a new sport.

Or, in this case, an old sport.

If you’re at-ease on the back of a horse, have a love for the medieval, could use $100,000 and don’t mind having your friends question your sanity, then the History Channel might be looking for you.

The producers of cable competition shows “Top Shot” and “The Ultimate Fighter” now have their sights set on resurrecting the lost art of jousting. Casting is now open for “Full Metal Jousting.” Producers are looking to fill 16 spots for television’s latest reality-type show. Given Wyoming’s love for all things horseback, it seems a no-brainer that someone from here in the Equality State should be willing to step forward and accept the challenge of representing our kingdom, er, state.

Besides, to a certain urban segment of the American population, we’re all stuck in the Middle Ages out here anyhow. Here’s our chance to prove it.

Prior jousting experience and adherence to a code of chivalry appear optional. All producers ask is that those applying be at least 21 years of age, citizens of the United States and proficient on horseback.

And you have to submit your application by Saturday. Anyone interested can download the necessary materials at http://pilgrimfilms.tv/casting/jousting.

Here’s hoping I see a big bucking horse on a coat of arms staring back at me from the History Channel sometime this autumn.

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