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July 30, 2008 3:36 pm

Let's keep America's pastime civil

Written by Tribune Staff

Legion baseball's Class A West District Tournament begins here today.
After the back-and-forth following the Cody-Powell doubleheader two weeks ago, let's hope everyone — players, coaches, parents and fans — is on his or her best behavior.
It's unclear who started the fracas last time the teams met. It appears to depend on which side of the fence a person was on — literally.
Coaches, fans and players all have received their share of the blame.
One thing is clear: Hot tempers, poor sportsmanship and bad language all made an appearance.
It's expected that tensions will run high during games, especially when longtime rivals meet.
But participants and fans need to keep in mind that they're setting examples. Young kids look up to their heroes on the field, and, likewise, players look to their coaches and parents for guidance.
Bad behavior has no place on the baseball diamond.
So this weekend, root for your team, cheer on your kid, play hard — and keep it civil.