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July 30, 2008 2:00 pm

Vaughn claims big demolition derby payout

Written by Tribune Staff

Terry Vaughn drove away with a payout of $1,600 following a strong series of performances during the demolition derby at last week's Park County Fair.
Vaughn's jolting ride to the top Saturday saw him pocket $100 for his performance in the first heat. However, his biggest money total was claimed during the finals, where he won $1,500 for his first-place finish. In the final event, Vaughn outlasted Freddie Zier, 2nd, $1,000; Gary Brewer, 3rd, $500; and Don Adams, 4th, $200.
In herbie derby competition, Bear May earned bragging rights following his top finish and a check for $160. In the powder puff event, Kacee Varkony was the top placer and earned an $80 payout.
As for the best appearance, Don Adams earned that honor and a $50 check.
The following is a list of the heat and pin winners:
Heat winners ($100 each):
• Heat 1: Marcie Ray, Terry Vaughn
• Heat 2: Tyler McIntosh, Travis Kovach
• Heat 3: Shannon Brewer, Brett Atkinson
• Heat 4: Don Adams, Gary Brewer
• Grudge round: Freddie Zier, Adam Lynn
Pin winners ($50 each unless noted otherwise):
• Pin 1: Eric Parham, Cal Duneman
• Pin 2: Travis Kovach, Freddie Zier
• Pin 3: Shannon Brewer, Chad Dietz
• Pin 4: Sean Moore, Matt Hollenbeck
• Grudge round: Eric Parham, Joseph Marsico
• Final: Marcie Ray, Brett Atkinson
• Herbie derby: Levi Norris, Bear May ($25), Gary Linton ($25)
• Powder Puff: Kacee Varkony, Brandee Dahill