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December 21, 2012 3:42 pm

The Sports Guy: We’re still here

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If you’re reading these words, faithful reader, then the doomsayers were wrong and life as we know it progressed beyond Dec. 21. Mayan apocalypse scholars are taking their seat next to Harold Camping and folks like myself who postponed holiday shopping “just to be sure” are now frantically looking for a Plan B.



And that’s fine by me.

We’re coming to the end of another exciting and eventful year of sports here in Powell. There have been state titles, individual titles, happiness, heartbreak — all the things that keep us coming back to athletics time and time again. In the days ahead, there will be countless college football bowl games, many that you’ve never heard of involving teams that you also may have never heard of.

If you’re like me, odds are you’ll still sit and watch them, because it’s an excuse to gather around a television set with friends and family and just be together. And, really, that’s what it all boils down to.

Whether you’re watching sports or competing in sports, it all comes down to doing something you love with people you love. Regardless of whether it’s cheering on a family member or simply cheering on a team from the community, we build bonds as we watch the action unfold.

I can’t count the number of solo hikes I took this past year through the region. I can tell you without a doubt that the trek I most enjoyed this year, however, was the one I took with a group of friends from off the Internet as we walked to a backcountry thermal area in Yellowstone. A close second was the time spent at the Lower Geyser Basin waiting day after day in the hope of witnessing a rare eruption of Morning Geyser. I never did get to see the stupid thing erupt, but standing alongside other giddy geyser geeks hoping to also catch a possible once-in-a-lifetime moment made us — total strangers — seem like friends. Those shared experiences surpassed the many solo ones I treated myself to.

In the issues ahead, we’ll look back on the highlights of this past year. You’ll remember many of them because you were there with the community, sharing in the ups and downs as they happened.

In the days ahead, I hope each of you gets the opportunity to sit down, kick your feet back and simply enjoy some time with family or friends. It doesn’t have to be a sporting event or some physical activity. Just take the time to do something together. Create that bond of commonality and enjoy the holidays.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, faithful reader.

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